All of our products are designed and manufactured here in the UK, and adhere to the highest quality standards.

We use the finest materials in the business, and as well as our standard ranges, we also offer a bespoke service to offer you a product for any ATM, anywhere in the world.

Due to the sensitive nature of the product, we do not show the full details here. Contact us to find out more.


This is our fast-fitting Anti Ramraid plinth. Adheres to industry standards for a anti ramraid plinth – 300kn of anchoring (30tons), which is 3 x that stated for a CENVI safe. This plinth can adjust between the height ranges of 90mm (3.5 inch) to 510mm (20 inch)

Designed to be a physical and a visual deterrent against ram raids. Both Anchor and Plinth have incorporated anti-tamper systems, with a choice of tethering options from chain to Kevlar cords, giving greater resistance to cutting attacks.


Eco Plinth is our basic security plinth and is contained within the footprint of the ATM, and adheres to the minimum anchorage requirements for a standard installation.

This plinth can adjust between the height ranges of 27mm (0.9 inch) to 675mm (26.5 inch), using a modular system.




These Plinths are non adjustable and pre-set to your chosen height. They are a cost-effective way of installing a TCR or ATM, with less time on site adjusting the height, as well incorporated cosmetics.

Plinth hight ranges can be from 50mm up to 350mm and can be manufactured in any finish or colour. These plinths can also be bolted on to existing plinths (encapsulated).