RS System

Protecion against vehcular attack | Plinthpak's RS System is a commercially viable and versatile anti-ram raid solution | Protecting agaist heavy plant vehicles including forklifts, diggers and 4X4.


RS Plinth

This is a non-invasive plinth design (for TTW ATMs), contained within the confines of the ATM footprint. Designed to be easy to fit, with low installation times and fully adjustable from 115mm to 280mm.

The chain anchoring assembly has been independently proof load tested to 300kn, and achieving a concrete anchoring capability of up to 150kn design load. This plinth has features that aid easy installation, such cable access locks and alternative anchoring points.



RS Plinth Advanced

Contains the same features as the RS Plinth, for a non-invasive plinth design (for TTW ATMs), and is fully adjustable from 190mm to 280mm.  This plinth doubles the amount of resistance to attack, so giving a combined tested proof load of 600kn (approx. 60 Tons).

Capable of attaining up to 300kn concrete anchoring design load. Ideal for adding resistance to sites where the concrete strength is unknown, or deemed very high risk.



RS retro

This is the anchoring mechanism used in the RS Plinth, but with imbedded features that allow it to be used retrospectively, regards ATM installation (drilling of safe required).

Or, for where the site requires an extra low plinth to attain DDA. It can be used on both TTW’s and freestanding machines. Independently tested to 300Kn, and can achieve up to 150Kn of concrete anchoring.



This plinth is for freestanding lobby machines, and utilizes the patented technology of the RS Plinth anchoring system, and is self-contained within a robust steel powder coated anti-tamper cosmetic surround.

This plinth is set at minimum height of 85mm, with a simple levelling system. And can achieve up to 150kn of concrete anchoring.


Plinthpak’s RS range is a commercially viable anti-ram raid system, that protects and resists against attacks from heavy plant vehicles (< 10tons I.e. JCBs and 4X4), this system can be installed by any competent person.

The RS System is designed and independently proof load tested to resist in excess of 300 Kilo-Newton (30 tons), which is an industry standard, whilst adhering to ATMIA’s Best Practice-for-Physical-Security-V3 guidelines.

Our range of products are designed to be both a physical and a visual deterrent against ram-raids. And incorporate anti-tamper technology to prevent removal by dis-assembly. As well as a choice of tethering options, from chain to Kevlar cords, giving greater resistance to cutting attacks.

Designed to be easily fitted by any installation team, using a fully illustrated manual and YouTube support videos. Each plinth comes with an online Anchoring Certificate form, which the installer is required to fill in, stating that the correct fixing method has been adhered to. All information gathered and relating images are emailed on to the client for audit proposes.

Patent Pending.


  • Tested and certificated to industry standard of 30 tons load.
  • Achieving concrete anchoring standard for CEN 5 anchoring minimum 100kn.
  • All fixing high tensile grade steel.
  • Chain grade 8 MBL 54.4 tons.
  • Concrete calculations drawings.

The RS System in action

A Versatile System

When over a basement the RS Anchor collaborates with both RS Adjustable Plinth and RS Freestanding Plinth to create a versatile system to over come most site conditions.

As each site is unque, we provide a progaming plinth requirment service, so get what you requrie for install on chanenging sites


  • Youtube support videos
  • Fully illustrated manuals
  • Online site advice
  • Onsite training
  • Programing site
  • Plinth requirements
  • Online fitting ceritficate