RS Plinth Advanced

An anti-ram raid plinth for wall ATMs

Contains the same features as the RS Plinth, for a non-invasive plinth design (for TTW ATMs), and is fully adjustable from 190mm to 280mm. This plinth doubles the amount of resistance to attack, so giving a combined tested proof load of 600kn (approx. 60 Tons). Capable of attaining up to 300kn concrete anchoring design load. Ideal for adding resistance to sites where the concrete strength is unknown, or deemed very high risk.

  • For TTW or standalone ATM
  • Low Profile
  • Fast fitting
  • Anti-Cutting protection

Key Features:

  • For External & Internal ATM
  • Full Insurance available
  • Versatile for all sites
  • Installation support
  • Tested
  • Low cost

You can also have the RS High option, extending the height range limit from 280mm to 480mm.


With our ECO-RS plinth we have applied science rather than gimmicks. By using existing anchoring and lifting technologies, combined with the latest design and manufacturing processes such as computer finite analysis and 3D Laser cutting.

We have been able to produce a fully tested, low cost solution that securely protects your ATM. Fully adjustable, to accommodate all height ranges. We provide full UK onsite support and fitting service.


Designed to be versatile & simple to fit and can be bolted underneath or on the side of the ATM. Can be disassembled prior to going to site for ease of lifting.

All ECO-RS plinths come with an onsite YouTube video and manual. We provide both fitting and support services, as required.


If any of the above products are sited over a basement, special chain extensions can be purchased and easily added to the existing product, this allows the anchoring mechanism to be secured to suitable basement concrete below, providing a complete security solution.

• Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001
• Re-usable
• Independently proof load tested to 300Kn
• Tamperproof design
• Physical and Visual deterrent
• Online and/or onsite support
• YouTube Support videos
• Non-invasive
• Useable over basements
• QR code anchoring Certificate
• For all makes and types of ATM/Safe