RS Freestanding

An anti-ram raid plinth for freestanding ATMs or for low set sites.

This non-invasive plinth design is easy to fit. Can be re-deployed with ease, has good cable access and can be used in conjunction with the RS Anchor, when placed over a basement, providing a completely versatile security solution

  • For TTW or standalone ATM
  • Low Profile
  • Fast fitting
  • Anti-Cutting protection
  • 65mm high profile


If any of the above products are sited over a basement, special chain extensions can be purchased and easily added to the existing product, this allows the anchoring mechanism to be secured to suitable basement concrete below, providing a complete security solution.

• Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001
• Re-usable
• Independently proof load tested to 300Kn
• Tamperproof design
• Physical and Visual deterrent
• Online and/or onsite support
• YouTube Support videos
• Non-invasive
• Useable over basements
• QR code anchoring Certificate
• For all makes and types of ATM/Safe