Flatpak Plinth

Plinthpak is a flat packed plinth that is both lightweight, and stronger than the rest.

Using a perimeter support system, it reduces the use of heavy, costly steel components, saving on costs and time on site.

With in built cosmetics to give a solid, clean look, it is the lightest on the market, and yet can outperform the rest, carrying up to 1,200 kg.

Simply select the Plinthpak that suits your ATM, and chose from 3 varying heights. We will airfreight your plinth anywhere in the world, to your warehouse or straight to site with our fast courier service.

What is plinthpak ?

Plinthpak, is an innovative and cost effective solution to ATM height adjustment. Plinthpak is robust, easy to assemble and can be customized to your specific requirements. No third party licensing agreements are required and its flexible design removes the need to communicate with manufacturers regarding plinth height, saving valuable time.

Due to it’s compact size and weight, Plinthpak can be shipped worldwide using air or land freight at low cost compared to similar products. It is packed ready for assembly with a fully illustrated instruction manual, ideal for warehouse delivery or directly on-site.

What makes plinthpak unique?

With products weighing from just 23kg, Plinthpak is not only lighter than its competitors, but also outperforms its peers on strength. Plinthpak has a patented interlocking cosmetics and perimeter support system, which gives the plinth incredible stability. ATMs are often tall and narrow and subject to swaying. Plinthpak’s unique height adjustment functionality allows for ‘direct load to floor’ bearing, thereby minimizing deflection.

What’s in the box?

The box contains all the parts required for assembly of a 304mm high plinth. This includes, fixings and shims to secure and level the plinth, accompanied by M12 safe bolts.

A step by step, fully illustrated instruction manual is supplied which details safety precautions and tools required for the installation. Security. Plinthpak has been designed to internally incorporate security devices.

The plinth allows a near clear area under the ATM to facilitate secure anchoring.

Made to suit

Plinthpak steel components come with a coated finish, as standard. For maximum effect, the composite panels can customized to accommodate corporate branding or advertising.