Ecoplinth R1

Complete, tested low cost solution to ATM height adjustment, incorporating sustainable materials, designed to be completely reusable with no wasted parts, with over 500 units installed within europe.

sustainability information

Comforms to ATMIA guidlines for basic secuirty, ensuring M16 continuity through out the whole height operation. Stackable design for ease, speed and stability of installation, simplifying ATM height adjustment in one plinth, ranges from 24mm to 680mm.

Designed to level uneven surfaces, with the option shifting safe bolt system option for an extra 15mm tolerance on the ATM. Reduced weight, modular design, this plinth can be safely brought to site in parts. Fast fitting robust cosmetics available, using carbon negative materials.


  • Incorporates Sustainable Materials
  • Independently tested
  • Fully adjustable 24mm – 680mm
  • Reusable
  • Non-invasive design
  • Cost effective
  • Conforms to basic security ATMIA guildlines
  • Saving over £100,000.00 to the industry

This means savings to the environment and your budget.


500 units installed within europe

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