CNC-Z6 Plinth

A straight forward universal ATM Plinth, that dramatically reduces install, or relocation times, suitable for all ATM variants using a bespoke Trapezoidal* single process height adjustment system allows adjustment from 450mm down to 12mm, great for getting the ATM and DDA height compliancy.

This straightforward system removes the necessity for extensive installation manuals and allows for fine In situ height adjustments on uneven surfaces.

The plinth has great access for services to and from the ATM, and can be dismantled into 3 major components, making it easy to handle, or simply pallet trucked into position as one unit. Robust plinth cosmetics cover up unsightly services and plinth, designed to enable quick access to the ATM
services hidden within.

This plinth can be upgraded as a security device, please ask for details.

All Top plates come with 16mm bolt fixing kits and safe bolts.
SWL 1200kg Patent Pending.


Due to its design simplicity, comprising of only 3 major components this has made it very easy to have parts that have the ability to be reusable come the end of the life cycle of the ATM/safe, meaning only one part of the plinth will need to be recycled.


  • Rapidly reduces install times
  • Cost effective
  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Universal for All ATM Types
  • Simple height adjustment 12-450mm
  • Upgradable to security plinth



Patent Pending

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