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Exporting to the United States

Exciting news… another export of the new ECOPlinth Self-Serve 6684 series, going to the United States [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="large" ids="1993,1992" orderby="rand"]...

Our flagship product
The RS System is proving to be very popular.  And with good reason.  Our industry leading anti ram-raid security measures mean that ATM's are now becoming harder to attack.  With sustainable credentials, whilst adhering to latest ATMIA anchoring guidlines.
Ecoplinth RS Security plinth

Plinthpak’s RS range is a commercially viable Anti-Ram Raid solution, protection against Heavy Plant vehicles, JCBs and 4X4. The RS System is designed and independently tested to resist in excess of 300 Kilo-Newton (30tons) of force, which is an industry standard, whilst adhering to recommendation stated...