Low Set Plinth

Made to suit the footprint of the ATM, and adjustable up to 28mm from 8mm. Used either for an external/internal ATMs. Using M16 through bolts to fit both ATM and plinth.

  • Cost effective
  • Low profile
  • Easy installation

Universal Internal Plinth (UIP)

Internal ATMs can be front and rear loading, through wall or freestanding, this can complicate the installation process. UIP is fully reversible, one side for Front Loaders and the other for Rear loaders therefore simplifying installation. This plinth provides great cable access, with built-in removable access panels on all sides, gives for a professional finish.

  • Easy installation
  • Reversible
  • Great cable access
  • Lightweight

ATM Jig Set

This Jig dramatically saves time on site and guaranteeing a smooth install every time. Removes the necessary operative skills required to carry out the install. Simply set the jig to the correct aperture size offset and neck height. Set on plinth (Z6 or Axis) and align with aperture, adjust height and bolt to floor. Plinth is now ready for the ATM. Jig uses nylon arms to protect glazing if ATM. Jig can be reused and can be set to accommodate all major ATMs types.

  • Reduces time on site
  • Minimizes skill set required
  • Re-useable
  • Quick setting
  • Robust

Secure Plate

In the event of an ATM being removed this universal secure plate can be a fast way of hoarding over. For glass, brick, metal or timber. Made using 4mm steel plating.

  • Fast and effective
  • Universal
  • Secure
  • Robust

Protective Scar Plate

ATM swap over can be tricky, especially where the ATM necks aren’t the same. Using a Scar Plate saves time in making good exterior and interior decor. Aluminium or stainless steel, coated to any colour required.

  • Saves on time
  • Professional finish
  • Cost effective
  • Adjustable 150mm-360mm
ATM Glazing Collar

Glazing collar

Manufactured using 3D laser cutting technology, to a make a secure and fast fitting. Making it possible to remove glazing around the panel without removing, the ATM.

  • Fast fitting
  • Secure
  • Reusable